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Systems are constantly changing. The decisive factor here is that development is wanted and targeted. And that proven and successful things are preserved. Change is both innovation and evolution - but also risk and investment. Professional support helps organizations and individuals to effectively design and manage their change processes.

People and organizations want to be successful. Targeted reflection sharpens the eye for the essential, for connections in the system and reveals the consequences of a lack of action. Clear and desirable goals set impulses, mobilize energy, and let people get moving.

Successful integration creates normality at a higher level. A new self-actualization, trust and reliability result in identification, motivation and willingness to perform. Well-integrated change-processes are noticed and rewarded by the market and stakeholders.











  • Complexity and unpredictability in society and environment have a major impact on companies in their business processes and corporate culture. In order to successfully handle social, technical and environmental challenges, companies need regularly rethink their current business models, structures and procedures and adapt them to the changing conditions.
  • For us, corporate responsibility is an integral way of thinking and acting. We are guided by system theories, integral models, current brain research and modern economics. Thus, corporate responsibility is a holistic, all-embracing worldview, maintaining a “one-health” perspective in all we do


Josef Hauri


Josef Hauri



Josef Hauri has held management positions at various financial institutions. He has a reputation in leadership development and in facilitating change.


Josef Hauri has acquired a high level of business and cultural awareness through his many years of working abroad. He speaks fluent German and English. With his business management background and broad professional experience, Josef Hauri combines hard and soft factors.


Education / Qualification

  • Executive Master - Integrative Organizational Development, (FHNW, Olten)
  • MBA Vanderbilt University (USA) & PUC (Chile)
  • TA Transactional Analysis (Bernhard Schibalski, D)
  • NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer (NLP-University, USA)
  • Conflict Management in Organizations (Trigon: Glasl, Martin)
  • Process Consulting & Design of Change Management
  • SKAL Qualification in Training Management (IAP, Basel)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (KSZ, Zürich)
  • Planning and Guidance of Group Processes (BGU, Basel)
  • Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis (IfL, Bad Ragaz)
  • Transpersonal Coaching (R. Wilms, Transpersonal Academy)
  • Further Training in: Non-violent Communication, Emotional Freedom Technique, moderation of large groups
  • Certified in MBTI, LSI/LDI, IDI/PD, HBDI, Insights Discovery, Hogan


Josef Hauri Mobile: +41 (0)79 460 59 19

Email: josef.hauri@dunamis.ch


Portrait Josef Hauri (PDF-Datei)

Ursula Reichmuth


Ursula Reichmuth



Ursula Reichmuth has many years of experience in coaching, assessing and developing of leaders. She has an additional broad experience in the areas of personality development, assessment centers and career development.


She has worked for many years in various functions in the field of Human Resources Management, both as an HR manager and as an assessment specialist. She was a member of the senior management of a large international financial company.


Education / Qualification 

  • MAS - Master of Advanced Studies in Human Resources Management, ZHAW - Zurich University of Applied Psychology, Zurich
  • Coaching Advanced, ZHAW - Zurich University of Applied Psychology, Zurich
  • Coach / Supervisor, IAS - Institute for Applied Social Sciences, Bad Ragaz
  • Integral business consultant, DIA and further training in integral organizational development
  • Syst® systemic structure constellations, Varga v. Kibéd, Sparrer
  • HR Manager, IAP - Institute for Applied Psychology, Zurich
  • NLP Master Practitioner, DVNLP
  • TA - Transaction Analysis (B. Schibalski, D)
  • Logosynthesis Master Practitioner, ILS Institute for Logosynthesis, Bad Ragaz
  • Advanced training in: Nonviolent Communication, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Transpersonal Coaching, Ralph Wilms, Transpersonal Academy
  • Studies in Business Administration


Ursula Reichmuth Mobile: +41 (0)79 300 09 36

Email: ursula.reichmuth@dunamis.ch


Portrait Ursula Reichmuth (PDF-Datei)

  • Organizational Development
  • Organizations are in a constant process of change and development, which is often unconscious, sometimes deliberately and controlled, but often difficult. On the one hand, it is about flexible adaptation to complex and unpredictable external conditions and on the other hand about sufficient inner stability and meaningful identity, so that performance is achieved with commitment.

    Organizations are living systems and cannot be planned and controlled like machines. To a certain degree, however, it is very possible to consciously influence and pursue a targeted design. This requires an understanding of ongoing processes and dynamics and suitable tools to move forward.

    Professional support in change projects is a must and creates trust and credibility in the system.
  • Team Development
  • With their knowledge and skills, employees and managers are the supporting basis of every organization. Due to digitization, specialization, project and matrix organization and changes in values across the generations, excellent cooperation and lateral leadership are the decisive success factors.

    Hierarchical structures are changing towards agile organizations. Individual responsibility, communication skills, trust and the willingness to take influence regardless of role and hierarchical level determine future success.

    Teams need regular breaks for reflection, learning and group hygiene. Some of these breaks, especially when there are tensions, should be facilitated by neutral, outside specialists.

  • Leadership Development
  • The way in which an organization or unit is managed decisively determines the success or failure of a business. Leadership can be of great benefit or the bottleneck. Leadership is the determining factor.

    It is not authoritarian position power, but professional competence and a mature personality that determine the possibility of targeted influence, conveying meaning and stability in an organization. Talents choose their employers based on their perceived leadership culture, development opportunities and meaningful activity.

    Even experienced managers are sometimes overwhelmed by these requirements. They need individual support in solving leadership problems and in expanding their toolbox. Often, however, they also need support in developing their personality in order to successfully meet the constantly new challenges.
  • Coaching
  • Coaching is a structured and goal-oriented reflection process for people in management and specialist positions at all levels, including vertical and lateral leadership. Together with the coach, the manager reflects on practical issues and challenges from his or her everyday work and brings them to a feasible solution. In doing so, the manager looks at his own contributions and patterns in his behavior and personality.

    In terms of content, the range of topics often includes leadership clarity, strategic orientation, self-management, social skills, communication skills and dealing with change and conflicts.

    Coaching helps to get to know oneself better, to broaden perspectives, to release resources and to find new ways and solutions to achieve goals.


  • Personal Self-Assessment
  • Understanding one's own situation better, uncovering resources, finding new ways and positioning oneself professionally - our clients, often private individuals, are looking for a self-assessment, when they want to change or are already looking for a new job. Even if the desire for change is still vague, they sometimes simply want to find out what else is in it for them professionally.

  • Outplacement
  • Employee redundancies have become a reality in professional life. It can affect everyone, employees in specialist functions as well as managers. Dealing with releases has changed in recent years. Companies often enable those affected an outplacement process and thus assuming their social responsibility.

    We focus on coaching and individualized support, not only to help those affected in their job search, but also to enable them to use the change sustainably for their own development.

    The needs are different. Depending on previous positions, age, network and previous job search experience, the respective process steps are different. Our outplacement offer is individually tailored to those needs.


  • Assessments
  • Assessments are scientifically sound, valid procedures for the observation and assessment of skills and behavior, as well as the evaluation of potential.

    We have many years of experience in the design and implementation of individual assessments and development centers at all levels. We orient ourselves on the highest standards of quality.

    Assessments are suitable for

    • Selection of suitable employees, in which candidates are tested for the necessary and desired skills in several practice-oriented tasks

    • Employee development, where strengths and weaknesses of individuals are revealed and measures for a development plan are derived in a personal feedback session

    Assessments are tailored to individual needs. The meaningful embedding in existing performance appraisal systems and development tools is crucial to the beneficial use of assessments.
  • 360 Feedback
  • Dunamis has a broad experience in the design and implementation of 360° feedback processes.

    360° Feedback is an instrument for the strategic development of managers and employees. 360° feedback processes are suitable for entire business units, for teams and for individuals.

    The feedback recipient receives anonymous feedback from different perspectives on his or her behavior, based on a competence model.

    The aggregation of 360° data enables valid statements about a specific organizational unit. Development over several years can be made visible.


  • Life-Balance Seminars
  • Performance and success inspire - but only if you stay physically and mentally healthy. Finding the right balance between work and relaxation is an art.

    Our clients are companies that demand a lot from their employees but are also aware that not all employees find it easy to find and maintain their own balance.

    In our Life Balance Seminars, we look at the forms and effects of stress and highlight key aspects of resilience. The topics of health, relaxation, sleep, nutrition and exercise have their place, supplemented by the latest findings from brain research.

    Our Life Balance seminars are process oriented. We focus on self-reflection and provide many suggestions and "tools". Participants learn to better understand and manage their own resources. They identify energy guzzlers and deal constructively with the complexity of their everyday life, with role conflicts and time traps.


We look forward to meeting you in person.

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Ursula Reichmuth
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